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Founded in 1988 by Andy Wright, Arcade Software was the next step to providing bespoke software applications and computer services to the local area.  The package "karate membership & accounts" was the primary software offered for sale to martial arts club and this remains the number one selling application even though there are now many clones.

Bespoke databases are written using DELPHI and PARADOX (RDBMS) and most applications are available to try before you buy.

In the beginning Arcade Software included services to home users because the niche home computer market was booming due to the rise of the Internet. It was an ideal area to focus on because larger service providers could not cover them and when they did the home user was priced out of the market.

One example was a well-known PC superstore that quoted a customer a staggering £120 to reload the software onto a standard PC.  After contacting Arcade Software, the final bill was £60.  Although this is half the price, the same if not better quality service was offered.

Additionally, Arcade Software supplied equipment and computers at discount prices simply because it's not tied to any one supplier and shopped around for the best deals.

 Andy Wright has many years of experience having worked for some extremely well known companies in the computer arena: DIGITAL, DELL, COMPAQ, HP, SIEMENS and within the computer service sector: GETRONICS, LOGISTICS Intl, TECH AID Intl.

Nowadays Arcade Software concentrates on the bespoke software market, creating niche applications for specialist areas, such as management of martial arts clubs, diary and invoice management for any business, care home/care agency business management plus many more.

Arcade Software is open to proposals for creating bespoke packages for your company. Website design is a service offered alongside software development through the associated business called “website designs r us”.