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Arcade Software abides by the distance selling regulations with regard to your rights as a purchaser. You may find more information about the Law here and our software comes under those regulations with regards to faulty product replacement (e.g. physical CDRom), if notified within 14 days.

As with other electronic products, we can only accept return if the seal on the packaging is not broken and we are notified of the return within 14 days.

Postage of the physical product is at your cost and the refund made to the same payment method, e.g. Paypal, cheque or bank transfer (your details required).

Downloaded products are deemed “opened” once it has been installed and the code is used. Trial versions are therefore not covered because they can be used for 30 days without payment.

It is our aim to despatch the physical product within 48 hours.  Emailing your code is dependent upon receipt of the necessary file created when you run the program and click the front screen button to do so but this is also completed within the 48 hour period.

Our software comes with lifetime support.  All minor version upgrades (1.01 to 1.02) are free but major upgrades (1.0 to 2.0) are offered at discounted rates to existing users.  Use the ABOUT page to discover the version numbers, which is also displayed on the front screen.

Additional hardware such as PRINTER, LABEL PRINTER and BARCODE SCANNER are optional but obviously enhance the use of this software.

If you find any bugs during use or you need support, please email along with your code and version number. Likewise if you feel there are extra functionality you would like to see, please email your ideas.